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Tile is an important part of your bathroom or kitchen, which is why it needs to be in the best possible condition. Tile that is cracked or broken could lead to moisture reaching the walls or floors. Moisture infiltration can cause mold to form, not to mention the damage to the walls that can become very expensive to fix. If mold grows, then respiratory issues and other health problems can develop. Our Minneapolis tile refinishing and installation company can mitigate this by installing new tile. We can also refinish your existing tile.

Cost-Effective Tile Refinishing

Refinishing tile saves a lot of money over replacement, although we will replace your tile if necessary.

If the tiles are damaged, you don’t necessarily have to deal with replacing them. Replacement tile is going to cost more. There is also the fact that old tile has to be removed and the new tile installed. When tile is chipped or cracked or you just want to update the color of the tile for an updated look, refinishing is a cost-effective option.

You’ll find that our finishes are beautiful and you will never be able to tell that the tile was ever damaged. Refinishing can also eliminate those unsightly caulk and grout lines. Because caulk and grout are porous, they can be very hard to clean.

What’s great about American Surface Restoration is that when you are having bathroom tile refinished or installed, we can also refinish your bathtub and countertops. This can result in an entire transformation. If it is your kitchen tile that is being refinished or installed, we can refinish your countertops to match.

Expert Tile Installation

If you need to have tile replaced or brand-new tile installed, we have plenty of tile options available to you. We can tear out the existing tile and replace it with the new tile of your choice. If the wall has never been tiled before, that is fine, too. We can work with the area you want tiled, completely transforming it into what you envision for that space. We are a Minneapolis tile refinishing and installation company that is committed to the wants and needs of our customers and superior craftsmanship that lasts for years.

What we install;

  • Backsplash tile
  • Shower tile
  • Floor tile
  • Decorative wall tile

Contact A Minneapolis Tile Refinishing & Installation Company

If your tile needs refinished, replaced, or you need complete tile installation, American Surface Restoration can help you. We have the experience and skill to transform your bathroom through tile refinishing or installation so it can look and feel the way it should and so you can preserve its integrity. To learn more or to get your free no-obligation quote, call us at 651-300-2284 or 952-220-2604 today.