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Minneapolis Bathtub Refinishing

Our Bathtub Refinishing Services Are Second To None

At American Surface Restoration, our bathtub refinishing services are second to none because of our experience, thorough process, and our in-house refinishing product, TubFusioN. We are much more than a Minneapolis bathtub refinishing service; we are innovators that go above and beyond the traditional refinishing process. What we give you is a finish that is beautiful, durable, and affordable so your tub can look brand new without the cost of a new tub.

Thorough Bathtub Refinishing Process

Below is an outline of the TubFusioN refinishing process. This two-day process is designed to give you a finish that adheres tight to the surface of the tub so that it stands up to daily abuses and lasts for years to come.
On day one:

  • Fume exhaust equipment installed
  • Removal of caulking around bathtub
  • If previously refinished, we strip the existing surface
  • Etch the existing surface of the bathtub, which is an important part of the refinishing process. We don’t take the glue and paint route
  • Remove the overflow and drain assembly
  • The entire bathtub surface is wet sanded to remove impurities
  • Thoroughly dry the bathtub surface
  • Mask off the entire bathroom to protect it from overspray and dust
  • Apply TubFusioN to the entire bathtub surface
  • Apply three coats of high-build primer
  • Apply three coats of high-gloss synthetic porcelain

We then allow the surface to cure overnight. This entire process takes four to six hours.
On day two:

  • The entire surface of the bathtub is wet sanded and polished to remove dust that drifted onto the surface while it cured
  • A Nanoseal polish is used in the final polishing of the process to fill microscopic pores on the surface, which is what makes the tub shine
  • The drain and overflow assembly are reinstalled or new parts are installed
  • Caulk is applied around the tub’s perimeter
  • The masking is removed and the tub will be ready after the tub is dry

The day two process takes a maximum of 2.5 hours, but as little as one hour.

We Are Committed To you

The reason why we have developed such a thorough process is because we want you to get the most out of our product. We don’t want you to have to deal with a tub finish that wears prematurely. Our goal is to give you the best service, the best finish, and a process that you can have faith in. As we said before, we are more than a bathtub refinishing service; we are a company that forms relationships with our customers and we know you’ll be pleased with our work.

Contact A Minneapolis Bathtub Refinishing Service

At American Surface Restoration, we are very proud of TubFusioN and how it transforms bathtubs into something fantastic. Rather than replace your tub, you can TubFusioN your tub and get so much more out of it than you would otherwise. To learn more about how ASR can help you transform your tub or to get a free estimate, call us at 651-300-2284 or 952-220-2604 today.