Countertop Type Comparison and Their Repairs

If you are having an issue with your current countertop, you may be trying to decide whether to replace it or have it repaired.

This is a very good thing to wonder because the costs can be so different.

The cost of replacing your countertops would definitely be higher than a repair. Just take a look at the different countertop types to get an idea of what you are dealing with.


This may be the cheapest type of countertop, but it scratches easy and can sustain heat damage. If you accidentally place a hot pan on the countertop, you have a problem. When the damage happens, repairs become more difficult to make. It’s more difficult to match the color, so the repairs become obvious.


Tile countertops are expensive to replace, but the repairs tend to be more affordable because one broken tile can usually be replaced easily.


Granite is a common type of stone countertop. There’s also marble and slate. The cost to replace these types is very high. These types usually last a long time if they are properly maintained, but they are prone to scratches and stains. The cost to polish and restore the countertop is much more cost effective than replacement.


If the countertop is a solid surface, the repair shouldn’t be too extensive. A professional can sand scratches to keep the repair cost low. However, the extent of the damage is going to be a deciding factor in whether to go for the simple repair or the replacement.

Replacement vs. Refinishing

Another option is refinishing. What this entails is taking a difficult-to-repair surface or any surface and giving it a stone look without using actual stone. Many people choose this option for the look without the cost. If damaged, the finish can be repaired fairly easily, which brings down repair costs.

There are many reasons why this is ideal, such as adding value to the home. If you had plan laminate countertops that are scratched up, a potential buyer isn’t going to really like that. Refinish your countertops for as little as $20 a square foot and the ugly countertops are gone. Instead, you have refinished countertops that look like granite, quartz, or Corian. This gives the countertops a more refined look.

Because refinishing exists, the need to replace countertops is almost nonexistent unless they are so badly damaged that there is no other option.