Debunking Bathtub Refinishing Myths

Over time, bathtub surfaces become scratched, chipped, worn, stained, and damaged for many reasons. Because the surface becomes damaged, it can hold germs, dirt, scum, and soap. This makes the bathtub a potentially unhealthy environment for everyone who uses it. It also makes the bathtub look less than stellar. One of the solutions to the… Read more »

Is it Time for a walk-In Bathtub?

If you or a loved one are dealing with limited mobility, you might be considering an easy-access bathtub to reduce the risk of slips and falls or difficulty while bathing. This is a major decision because it is about improving the quality of life. There are emotional and practical considerations that must be taken. If… Read more »

Countertop Type Comparison and Their Repairs

If you are having an issue with your current countertop, you may be trying to decide whether to replace it or have it repaired. This is a very good thing to wonder because the costs can be so different. The cost of replacing your countertops would definitely be higher than a repair. Just take a… Read more »