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The Go-To For Hotels, Apartments & Multi-Family Buildings

American Surface Restoration is a go-to for hotels and multi-family building managers and owners. This is because they know they are making a wise investment in finishes that will help them preserve their bottom line. This cost-effectiveness coupled with our workmanship and superior product makes us a preferred Minneapolis commercial surface refinishing company.

Refinishing with TubFusioN And TruGraniT

TubFusioN and TruGranIt by American Surface Restoration are superior products that were developed by American Surface Restoration for the purpose of superior adhesion, beautiful sheen and great durability. We wanted to make sure our customers had the most durable finish possible. Over time, we developed our products, putting a great deal of care into them and the processes that use them.

We can give you the custom finish that you are looking for and do so without the high cost. TubFusioN and TruGraniT give latitude to be creative so that your multi-family property or hotel can stand out. In hotels, especially, one of the first places guests look at is the bathroom. Having a beautiful tub in each room will help make an excellent impression, contributing to the guest experience.

You are also ensuring you get the most out of the tubs, avoiding replacing them when they are still perfectly operational.

A Thorough Refinishing Process

Both our TubFusioN and TruGraniT refinishing methods are very thorough. The TubFusioN process takes one- two days. This involves:

  • Removing bathtub overflow and caulking
  • Installing fume exhausting equipment
  • Etching the surface of the tub, sanding if fiberglass
  • Masking off the bathroom to protect it from any overspray or dust
  • Application of TubFusioN, high-build primer, and high-gloss 2k urethane
  • DAY 2
  • Wet sand and polishing of the finish
  • Reinstalling hardware after the final polish
  • Re-caulking
  • Cleanup

Countertop refinishing with TruGraniT occurs over a one-two day period:

  • We protect the surrounding area by masking it off
  • Fume exhausting equipment is installed
  • Countertops are sanded and repaired, if needed, and a base primer is applied
  • Color is applied
  • Approximately and one hour dry time, the color is sanded smoothed and wiped clean before a high-build clear
    coat is applied. For our matte finish this is the final step.
  • On day two, the surface is wet sanded and polished before the area is cleaned up

Our refinishing processes are much more thorough than traditional processes, we want to ensure that it is done right. This makes us a unique Minneapolis commercial surface refinishing company. What makes us more unique is that we use refinishing process that uses very high quality primer and coating system.

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Multi-family unit managers and owners and hotel owners turn to us to help them save money through bathtub and countertop refinishing rather than replacement. This cost-effective method is thorough, durable, and beautiful. To learn more about ASRs services and to receive your free no-obligation quote, call us at 651-300-2284 or 952-220-2604 today.